Scholarship Application

Required Documents

  • A recent passport-size photograph

  • A *certified copy of valid passport

  • A *certified copy of your birth certificate

  • A *certified copy of academic certificate/diploma/ degree

  • A letter of acceptance from the Institution to which you have applied

    (If already in the Institution, progress report or transcript should be supplied)

  • Statement from parent regarding bonding and funding.

  • Rationale for undertaking course of study

Please Note

**Certification by Notary Public or Lawyer is not required.   Officers within the Ministry of Education and other Ministries, Antigua State College, ABIIT, UWI Open Campus, School Principals, Senior Officers in Educational Institutions, Ministers of Religion, Executive Managers and other Professionals may certify the documents as having seen the originals.

(In preparing your rationale, please outline your plan of Study stating particularly how you envisage using the outcome of the training or educational preparation for the development of Antigua and Barbuda.   In addition, please give your reasons for choosing this course of study).