Bond Fulfillment Expectation

After the completion of your studies, it is now time to walk out into the ‘real’ world… into the “world of work”. Here are a few reminders/pointers in meeting the obligations of your bond:

  • All graduates must submit a copy of their degree so as to confirm completion of studies.
  • All graduates must submit an employment confirmation upon receipt of a job and another a month before bond fulfilment – so as to confirm completion.
  • The Board of Education, Scholarship Department will be monitoring your bond fulfilment annually, for the next three (3) years until completion.
  •  If changes are made to your employment, the Scholarship Department must be duly notified via an updated employment letter from the new establishment (upon your request from your H. R. Manager), so that your file may accurately reflect the correct information and that bond fulfilment may continue.


  • If the awardee pursues additional studies abroad without requesting permission or a deferral of their bond from the Board of Education.
    If the awardee pursues employment outside of Antigua and Barbuda before honouring the terms of the bond.
  • Permanently leaving the country to work/reside elsewhere during the fulfilment process.
  • Failure to comply with the Scholarship Department’s “Follow-Up Process” after the completion of one’s studies, or failing to supply the required job confirmation, degree, etc.

We wish you success in all your future endeavours!