This department manages the scholarship process as it relates to receipt of applications, notification of applicants, processing of bonds, monitoring of recipients, maintaining of the records, providing information to the national scholarship committee and facilitating the entire process.

Priority Areas – Since 2014

Education: Early Childhood Training; Guidance Counselling; Special Education; Information Technology; Mathematics; testing and Measurement; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography; Music and Industrial Arts.
Tourism: Culinary Arts; Hospitality Management; Travel; Resort Recreation.
Agriculture and Technology
Information Technology: Computer Programming, Network & Design, Computer Information Systems, Computer Engineering.
Financial Services Management: Trade Finance, Banking, Accounts, International Relations.
Architecture: Land Surveying, Physical Planning and Building Technology, Architectural Technology. Engineering: Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Industrial and Telecommunications.
Pure & Applied Sciences: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
Visual &; Performing Arts: Art & Craft, Art, Graphic Design, Film & Television Production, Interior Design, Journalism
Forensic Sciences
Modern Languages