This department has responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the school compounds (Primary and Secondary). As such, it repairs and refurbishes school buildings, maintains the school grounds and ensures that the general physical environment of government schools is at a reasonable standard.

Brief Summary of Work Carried out at the Projects Department in 2018

The Projects Department is committed to carrying out timely maintenance on all school plants to ensure that both teachers and students can teach and learn in a safe environment.

The work carried out on various school plants includes repairs to plumbing and electrical fixtures, securing of doors and windows, painting, pressure washing, landscaping and in some cases, building new structures to accommodate additional students.

In 2018, the Projects Department spent approximately $2,949,839.05 on maintenance and upgrades of the school plants.  Major repairs and upgrades were carried out at J.T. Ambrose Primary, Freemansville Primary, School for the Deaf, All Saints Secondary, Pares Secondary, Princess Margaret Secondary, Clare Hall Secondary, Urlings Primary and the Antigua Girls High Schools.

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