Book Scheme

The main function of the Book Scheme Dept is to issue and distribute books to the respective students. Whereby a schedule is drafted and issued for collection dates and return dates, these dates are normally circulated the all stakeholders. It is imperative that these dates are adhere to due to the magnitude of books that will be processed each year.

Overall Objective:

The Bookscheme Manager, under the overall supervision of the principal, shall be responsible to ensure that the Bookscheme is managed in accordance with the rules and guidelines which are given by the Board of Education and the Ministry of Education.

Specific Objectives:

The Bookscheme manager shall:

1. Represent the school at all meetings related to the Bookscheme. These meetings will normally be held once per term.

2. Supervise the receipt and delivery of books.

3. Prepare all relevant documents for the Annual Audit of the Bookscheme in the second term.

4. Make the necessary arrangements with other teachers to ensure that spot checking of books is done at least once per term in each class.

5. Ensure that the necessary forms are available to both students and teachers to ensure efficient management of the scheme.

6. Ensure that the covering of books is standardized.

7. Be responsible for all monies, records and other resources related to the Bookscheme.

8. Report on his/her activities as Bookscheme Manager at the end of each term (a reporting format will be provided).